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-You've all had months to register for classes. This is what you get for putting it off lazy cunts. Don't blame MNstate for your apathy. If you ended up waitlisting a class you needed to graduate, then you obviously didn't care that much about graduating.
- How are you supposed to check your grades? Uh... I guess wait ONE day
-mr. taxpayer: in a year and a half, this is the first time I've seen this happen. They're an IT department managing a very useful product, not stock brokers you fucking crybaby. Who the fuck is actually stupid enough to post something like that? I'm actually deriving pleasure from the idea of how shitty your life is going to be. No spouse/partner, or at least desirable spouse/partner, shit job, genetically inferior children, no sense of purpose, obese(if not already). You'll be cheated on by your shitty partner once your already substantial undesirability hits an intolerable threshold. Your parents will die ashamed of you and you won't have the money to bury them properly so they'll be put in a poor person burial pit and covered with lye.You'll order sex toys offline and do whip-its while fucking them to distract yourself from your retarded childrens' cries of frustration from their inability to process normal day to day life. You'll seek narcissistic supply from apathetic twenty year olds when your dead end job, 40 years later, finally yields one meaningless promotion to manager of other dead end jobs. The word "retirement" will actually make you laugh, and then sob. You'll eat snicker bars you steal from a gas station on your lunch break until you finally die, crying for your mother, from diabetes no one ever cared/ you couldn't afford to get diagnosed. You final thoughts will drift and you will be taken by black emptiness that will render no more meaningless than you were when you were alive, because that would be impossible.


*that will render you


Wow! Get it all out Eric? Tough Christmas I guess...


This is all Trump's fault.


The eservices is working now. Yay. I can pay the tuition

Carl Sack

Thank you thank you to the IT staff who gave up their Christmas to work on resolving this until 3:26 am this morning. You all deserve cheers and extra vacation time.

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