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What date?


Today, apparently. I was on it yesterday with no problems.


When will this be fixed?

Craig Olson

Finally off work and have time to do this, and it's not working. Nice.


I am eligible to register for a class I was on the waitlist for and now it isn't working. I hope this doesn't affect my place


My grades are due at noon tomorrow. When will this be fixed? Any estimate?


ETA on a fix?

Abdiaziz nur

I’m having an hard time getting into eservices and d2l when will this problem be fixed?

Sonny Holden

This is not good. I was in the process of putting my classes on the waiting list.


When will this be fixed?

Is everything alright with the system? i am trying to log into eServices to no avail.


Good job MnState!!!! at lease provide information on when the service will be back.
State system should find a different system than D2L. Check Blackboard.

Peggy T Armstrong-Larsen

Grades are due to be entered by 11:59 tonight. Hoping you will have a solution before then.

Calvin Klein

"We are experiencing a system-wide outage"

Yah, we get that. Can you post something useful like your progress on the resolution, or an ETA, or maybe both?

Mercy Osigwe

How long is this going to last?


How are we suppose to check our grades? I have no idea who is responsible for this but this is stupid.

Marcus D

I am going to swear if this is not fixed!

micayla borth

when will this be fixed i was in the proccess of put classes on the wait list??

Heat Miser

Trying to check my grades so I can calm my anxiety Merry bloody Christmas.

mr taxpayer

good work mnstate. bunch thieving f*cks. taking my tuition money and laughing all the way to bank. thanks for nothing!


Some ppl need to take a chill pill...system wide errors happen to all big companies...its technology! Its happens...a bunch of fools who know nothing about technology and complaining as if they would have been able to fix it in a heartbeat.


Also bear in mind that IT departments typically aren't fully staffed on one of the biggest holidays of the year. Much like the rest of us (for the most part) that aren't working today either. Calm down

please fix this

a course I need to graduate just became available to me from my waitlist... I have until 11:30pm tonight... please fix this before I lose my place! :(


Grades are due 12/26/19 midnight, not 12/25/19!

Marcus D

I eat an apple loudly now...

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